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Some things you just need to try to believe.  Take a spin on our wheels, and you will never go back to the traditional hoops.  Here are a few considerations:


YOU CAN'T BEAT OUR WARRANTY - We stand behind our product.  Although it is super rare, should you have issues related to the construction or quality of the wheel, we want to know, and will work with you on a solution!  We are committed to our riders, and if it isn't right, together we can figure it out.  It's that simple.  


LIGHTER - While standard aluminum rims have been the standard, the reality of technologys advancement makes Carbon the clear choice for todays rider. Shorter spokes, and larger rim depth means a rotational weight cannot be matched with aluminum.


STRONGER - No more hops, bends or taco's.  EPiK rims are built to take the abuse today's BMX community demands.  You only need to replace a few aluminum hoops to balance the cost variance between standard rims, and EPiK Carbon Rims.  What are you waiting for?


FASTER - You can feel the difference when riding EPiK wheels.  Transfer of power to the rubber is immediate.  Pair our rims with some of todays instant engagement hubs, and you can't find a better match. 

Every Race is EPiK!

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